Coming Soon – Fitness Dating Site!

Fitness Dating Site!

Coming Soon 


On Line Fitness Dating

On Line Fitness Fitness Dating Site!

I recently had a bad experience signing up for a fitness dating site. After hours of endless searching, I came to the realization that most, if not all dating sites have fake or abandoned profiles. There is even a company that sells past dating profiles, to new dating sites, trying to draw new paying users to join. If you are tired of fake dating sites, then I’m willing to start one here. It will be free till there is enough dating profiles, making your experience worthwhile.

Please understand, I am trying to create a real dating site, with real profiles. In order to do this, you have to be patient and refer all your friends and family looking for a fit date or mate. I’m hopping this becomes successful, and known as the only site that doesn’t have fake dating profiles.

Please give me feedback and suggestions as this site grows, and please play safe! I am now in the process of searching for the right dating plug in. If you know a a good one, please let me know by emailing to