1 Scapula-Front-and-Back-

1 Scapula-Front-and-Back-

Bones areas to remember:

  1. Shoulder blades are called the “Scapulas”
  2. Spine of the Scapula
  3. The two bones the makes up the AC Joint are the Acromion & Clavical
  4.  The Short Head Biceps Tendon attaches to the Coracoid Process of the Scapula
  5. Superior Boarder
  6. Inferior Angle
  7. Supraspinous Fossa- Infraspinous Fossa & Subscapular Fossa (This is where the Rotator Cuff Muscles- Infraspinatus,Supraspinatus and the Subscapular attach)
  8. Glenoid cavity, sometimes called the Glenoid Fossa (Where the head of the Humerus attaches)